Hiking, trekking, snorkeling, diving, fishing, relax, adventure and caving to name a few. 

From high mountains and deep gorges to water-filled wadis, diverse endemic nature, endless beaches and some of the most stunning sand dunes in the world, Socotra's diverse beauty is unique and evident  in every part of the island.

Dixam plateu - In the central part of the island you suddenly find yourself in prehistoric times. Plateaus and canyons with unique endemic trees of Dragon´s Blood (Dracena cinnabari). An endless game of shadows and colours in the sunset paints such bizarre image that can be hardly believed. Swimming in a rocky pool in the valley is a reward for a walk along the stony path in incredible landscape.

Homhil protected area – The plateau Homhil stretches on the north-east of the island. Protected area with many Olibanum tree (Boswellia Sacra), Frankincenses tree, Desert roses (Adenium obesum socotranum) and Dragon´s blood trees (Dracena cinnabari). First of all a combination of various kinds of trees, steep slopes with dracaenas and natural lakes with pellucid water create unusual image of this country. The area is rich in representatives of bird kingdom, reptiles, insects and others. You can choose from many routes to take a walk at Homhilu. If you walk on inclined slope you will reach unbelievable panoramic lake with view to the ocean.

Fermhin forest/Momi - The Fermhin  Plateau is the largest forest of Dragonblood trees. Nowhere else in the world can you find Dragon´s blood trees in such density as here. The local people will show us how they collected - and still collect on a smaller scale - the rare red tree resin.

Hajhir mountains – Top Skand - There are many paths and options where to go. However, only an experienced local guide can recommend a suitable route depending on the season and your physical condition. To climb the highest mountain areas of the Skand mountain and descend back to shore, the most beautiful natural site of Wadi Ayhaft, is one of the most exciting experiences and definitely a dream of each sport minded tourist.

Wadis: Kalesan, Derhur, Dafarher, Deneghen, Ayhaft - Socotra has a number of stunning palm-lined wadis with refreshing pools, including Wadi Kalesan, Dirhur, Deneghen and Ayhaft. Most of them can be explored by trekking, on foot or simply enjoyed with a picnic and an afternoon swim in the natural pools.