Useful information

Yes, it is a completely safe destination. It is currently under the control of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which cover both the air zone and political influence on the island. Remote Socotra is in no way affected or affected by any political, religious or ethnic unrest that would in any way disturb or threaten the safety of the visitor's stay. Therefore, you do not have to worry or worry about the unstable situation in Yemen or any negative activities of extremist groups in the world.
You can also move outside alone at night without any problems, everywhere on the island is safe.
So you can fully enjoy everything that Socotra has to offer without any worries.

MONEY / How do I pay in Socotra?
All our tours are set as all-inclusive. We recommend a reserve of $200/person for souvenirs and tips for your driver and guide.
Please note that there are no ATMs or credit card facilities on Socotra. Please bring your money in cash (ideally dollars).

WEATHER AND BEST SEASON / When to go to Socotra?
From October to February the weather conditions are very pleasant with temperatures around 28-30°C, ideal for all adventures and various activities. March to the end of May is the warmest time, a temperature of around 35°C is characteristic, the season when desert roses bloom, with very calm sea for diving and snorkeling. Monsoon with very strong winds during the season from June to beginning September make it climatically unsuitable for a visit.

Please ensure you dress respectfully. Knees and shoulders should be covered when visiting public places (airport and Hadibo City). Women will greatly appreciate covering their hair with a scarf in these public places.

CAMPING FOOD/DRINKS/REFRESHMENTS / What will I eat and drink in Socotra?
All inclusive / full board / unlimited water. Depending on which part of the island we are in, we offer fresh, high quality food, fish, seafood in the coastal areas and fresh meat such as chicken, sheep or goat in the interior of the island. To ensure refreshments and keep food in good condition, we use coolers with ice. Let us know about any meal requests you may have, such as: E.g. vegetarianism or allergies, so that we are prepared for any changes in the menu.
An adequate supply of water is always important on Socotran tours and treks, so we provide an unlimited amount to each individual. It is important to drink enough fluids.
Refill existing bottles instead of constantly buying more to minimize plastic waste.

PERSONAL HYGIENE / What is the toilet and shower situation like during the tour?
At most campsites on the island you can use shared toilets and showers with fresh water. On a one- to two-day tour per week, we camp in locations where these are not available. You do your work in nature.
The most pleasant refreshment is in a natural bath - the wadi pool. Do not contaminate fresh water with soap or shampoo or use these products.
Socotra has many beautiful beaches and although the salt water is not suitable for washing, it does make you feel less dirty. There's nothing better than waking up with the sunrise, climbing out of your tent and diving straight into the sea.

WASTE / How to minimize waste?
We have a special trash bag around your camp and will throw all your trash in immediately so you don't forget it or get blown away by the wind. It is our responsibility and duty to make sure we clean up after ourselves. Minimize waste and bring your own refillable water bottle. Don't leave toiletries lying around.