Tours 2024-2025 

When? Anytime from September until May - just send your question / or book your tour now.
Our program / itinerary is unique, you will also visit secret places and corners of the island.


We specialize in the quality of the services provided, not the quantity of tourists in one group.
We will provide a tailor-made program for everyone, whether you are single, a couple, a family with children (we also have experience with small children) or a group of friends.
Choose one of our recommended tours, we guarantee that every day will be different, special and unforgettable or we will carefully arrange various tours according to your ideas and preferences.
We have more than 14 years of experience with tourism in Socotra. Only verified drivers, guides and cooks work for us, who are also our best friends.
We understand the demands of tourists who have unlimited dreams to discover as much as possible, therefore we can provide exclusive services, accommodation options and unique service.
Come and spend the time with us far from civilization in the middle of unique nature, swim in canyons and on deserted white beaches, walk among rare trees and discover caves, snorkel or dive in the turquoise sea, watch dolphins and sea turtles and completely forget the world around you during fantastic sunrises and sunsets while drinking tea with the locals.

Discover a hidden island with us where dreams come true and where one can feel like an adventurer discovering things not having been discovered yet.